Hi, I am Ambling Ding. Welcome to my blog.

I am now a Ph.D student at Zhejiang University, China. My research interests lie on the broad area of distributed data management, especially on the data analysis techniques based on the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. I believe that the ability to handle really big data will definitely enhance every aspect of human civilization and in the end improves daily life of everyone.

Besides the concentration on the backend techniques, I am actually trying to become a full-stack programmer. I have tried to build some reactive websites with HTML5, iOS and Android apps based on Ionic framework, as well as desktop clients based on Electron. Though not experienced, being able to do has been seen very useful in some circumstances.

I am going to maintain some useful links, information as well as some of my thoughts that maybe useful to others on this site. Hope you like it.

Refer to my CV (english, chinese) if you want to know more about me.